The #1 Creamy Eyeshadow Base to Keep Your Look Locked In

The #1 Creamy Eyeshadow Base to Keep Your Look Locked In
Our Make 'Em Pop eyeshadow is the perfect addition to your makeup bag! 

Are you tired of your eyeshadow creasing and fading throughout the day? Look no further than a buildable eyeshadow base to keep your eye makeup looking fresh and vibrant all day long. This innovative product not only provides a smooth canvas for your eyeshadow but also helps to intensify the colour and prevent creasing. Here are some expert tips for using a buildable eyeshadow base to achieve long-lasting, flawless eye makeup.

What is a Buildable Eyeshadow Base?

A buildable eyeshadow base is a versatile product that can be layered to achieve the desired coverage and intensity. It helps to even out the skin tone on your eyelids, creating a smooth surface for your eyeshadow to adhere to. The buildable formula allows you to customize the coverage to suit your preferences, whether you prefer a subtle wash of colour or a more intense eye look.

How to Apply a Buildable Eyeshadow Base

Start by applying a small amount of the buildable eyeshadow base to your eyelids using your fingertips or a brush. Blend the product evenly across the entire eyelid, making sure to reach the inner corners and along the lower lash line. Allow the base to set for a few seconds before applying your eyeshadow on top.To achieve the subtle look all you need to do is apply a small amount on the eyelid and blend out with a damp beauty blender. This will achieve the perfect soft base for a little pop of colour (or our amazing shimmer shades). Or if your pick of the day is a bold eye look, one to make 2016 makeup blush. Then simply apply the base to the back of your hand, coat a flat brush and apply to your eyelid patting as you go! The creamy formula allows for a beautiful coverage for whatever look you are going for.  

Benefits of Using a Buildable Eyeshadow Base

One of the main benefits of using a buildable eyeshadow base is its ability to enhance the colour payoff and longevity of your eyeshadow. By providing a smooth and even base, the buildable formula helps to intensify the pigmentation of your eyeshadow and prevent it from creasing or fading throughout the day. Additionally, the buildable nature of the product allows you to control the coverage and intensity, making it suitable for both natural and dramatic eye looks.

With a buildable eyeshadow base, you can say goodbye to creasing and fading eyeshadow. Invest in this versatile product to achieve long-lasting, vibrant eye makeup looks that will turn heads wherever you go.

We know it says 'eyeshadow base' on the tin.. but its more than that!

Look, we're not here to brag, but we are. Because we perfected the creamy base thing, it means it doubles up perfectly as a concealer or a contour! But shhhh, we didnt tell you! Do you find some concealers just that little bit too thick? Or you layer it and it kind of goes a little bit cakey? Well Make 'Em Pop could change that for you. For example, you're using a Pop 3 for an eyeshadow base and want a smooth, bright under eye? Get a little bit of Pop 1, mix it with 3 and pop it under your eye (no need to wait and let it warm up a little, thanks creaminess ;)) and blend out with a damp beauty blender. If you didn't get the coverage the first time, go over it again. It honestly blends out beautifully and seamlessly The same goes with contour for a lighter and medium skin tone girlies. Our darker shades double up as the perfect creamy contour! Grab a shade 5, put it on the back of your hand, grab some product with your contour tool of choice and apply where you normally would. Blend with a damp beauty blender for the seamless blend in to your base and *chefs kiss* a beautiful contour! 

Comparisons to others on the market

We understand there is always going to be a comparison to other eyeshadow bases on the market such as PLouise. It isn't a shock nor an insult to us that we get compared to her base (quite a lot). We absolutely love what she has done for the makeup market and there is no denying that the Plouise base is amazing within its own right. She has perfected the formula to make it thick and that benefits her style of makeup masssively! Plouise took what was lacking and paved the road for the rest of us to follow! 

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